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Conservatory Remodelling Solutions

BellaVista are experts in home extensions and conservatory refurbishments throughout Manchester and surrounding areas. As an approved Ultra Installer, we work closely with Ultraframe and can offer you many remodelling solutions to help revive and improve your tired extension, orangery or conservatory.

Remodelling and refurbishing your conservatory can be an extremely cost effective solution as opposed to a new build or replacement. If you find that your room is too cold in winter, or too hot in the summer, we can help.

Many homeowners will automatically look for a brand new conservatory when they find faults, or feel that theirs is underperforming. Our team at BellaVista will inspect your current build and recommend to you any upgrades or refurbishments that you will benefit from.

Our team will be able to help revive your tired conservatory or extension with a range of solutions such as replacement roofs, masonry constructions, newly plastered ceilings and reshaping of existing glasshouses.

A popular conservatory remodelling technique requires the reshaping of existing conservatories. Many classic styles, such as the Victorian style, will feel outdated to some homeowners. As technology advances, the shape of what we desire does too. We can remodel the shape of your existing Victorian conservatory by squaring off the sides to create a modern home extension. By doing this, you can convert an old conservatory into a room that is functional.

Another way to refurbish and modernise a conservatory is by extending the dwarf walls. Most classic styles will feature a fully glazed area that is rested upon a small wall. As a way of remodelling, we can replace some uPVC by extending the brick to form full height walls or ¾ length walls to create a beautiful extension. This will also help to improve the thermal efficiency of your garden room.

There are many upgrades that we can offer you to remodel your conservatory. Our selection of enhancements can improve the performance of your conservatory and extension as well as improve the overall aesthetics. Ask about our range of decorative cornice, cresting, blinds and climate control options. We can even carry out internal finishes and remodelling for your conservatory.

If you are worried about the health of your conservatory or orangery, sometimes it is just in need of a new and durable roofing system. Replacing your old polycarbonate conservatory roof is a smart investment that will keep your room protected from the elements for years. We offer tiled roof replacements, solid roof replacements, roof lanterns as well as classic glass roofs.

Many conservatory installers do not work on the inside of your room. Our team at BellaVista do. As part of our conservatory refurbishments and remodelling, we can plaster newly created vaulted ceilings as well as install insulated pelmets and columns. This will help to control the climate in your extension, as well as provide a clean and fresh finish.

Remodelling and conservatory refurbishments can simply be carried out by the replacement of old windows and doors, as well as the type of glazing. By upgrading your double glazing, your orangery, extension or conservatory will not only improve thermal efficiency but will also improve the security of your home. The structures can be modified along with the installation of replacement double glazing.

Conservatories are prone to overheating due to the large proportion of glazing and can be improved easily. Refurbishing your roof with a solid roof or roof lantern will help reduce the heat that is absorbed into the room. With the right glazing, your conservatory will be able to reflect the heat. Alongside this, we can refurbish a conservatory or extension with a selection of air conditioning units, fans, and heating systems.

An extension and conservatory should complement the aesthetics of your home. If you are looking at updating an old conservatory to match your property, you can do so by changing the colour scheme of the profiles, the brickwork, and even the roof tiles. Another way to upgrade your extension is to build up existing dwarf walls to create a modern and beautiful exterior.

Homeowners who live in the busy areas of Manchester may find that the noise pollution is too much to fully enjoy a conservatory. This can be improved by a simple conservatory refurbishment. Firstly, we can upgrade your glazing to glass that is soundproofed. Alternatively, less glazing will actually help to keep the noise out. We can remodel your conservatory by replacing plastic frames with brick, achieving a look of an orangery.

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Home Extension Remodelling Prices

You can save on your home improvement budget by remodelling an existing conservatory, extension, or orangery. Our house extension remodelling prices vary depending on the type of work that needs to be carried out.

In some cases, it could be more cost-effective to tear down an old garden room and to replace it with brand new technology instead of remodelling.

Contact BellaVista today and book an appointment. We will inspect your home extension and offer you many options in the ways we can either improve or rebuild your conservatory.

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